The Free Trade and Warehousing Zones

A special category of Special Economic Zone governed by the provisions of the SEZ Act and the Rules.

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4S is having its own FTWZ facility at Chennai to extend the additional service benefits to its customers to ensure all service levels such as customs brokerage activities, transportation, warehousing facilities offered under one-roof for effective and competitive pricing service levels.

  • Special category of Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Can be a ‘standalone’ FTWZ or a demarcated area within a sector specific or multi product specific SEZ
  • Outside the customs territory of India with special status and benefits
  • High on government’s radar due to multi-fold increase in international trade
  • Key link in Indian and Global supply chain logistics and supply chains for imports, exports, re-exports and domestic movement
  • Dedicated platform for trading and warehousing

Key benefits of using FTWZ facility

Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Getting the best freight rates for cargo
  • Customs brokerage activities in India
  • Transportation of cargo from port/CFS to importers premises
  • Arranging the unloading and erection facility at importers' premises

Just in Time

  • Strategic inventory management to save time and costs for import bound products items
  • Edge over competitors by way of increased service quality and being close to consumer hub

Consolidation Hub

  • Commodities imported can be consolidated and stocked duty-free until required
  • Goods from different locations can be consolidated for exporting thereby reducing logistics cost and time-consumption in processing individual export entries

Duty Deferment and Allied Acts

  • Defer Duty payment and compliance to Allied Acts while goods are still in FTWZ
  • Sufficient time to acquire necessary licenses and certificates, and avoid demurrages at gateways

Tax Exemptions

  • Goods in FTWZ have same tax concessions as for Bonded, EOU & SEZ goods
  • Movement of goods from FTWZ into DTA is considered import, and all Exemption/ concessions are available at par with normal import

Exporting Convenience

  • Simplified export procedures as physical export transactions get completed once goods are moved into FTWZ
  • Exporter can claim export concessionsas soon as goods have moved into FTWZ, even if the goods have not physically moved out of the country

Bulk/Sensitive Commodities

  • Availability of open/ demarcated area for convenient storage of bulk and sensitive commodities
  • Single window clearance for goods otherwise requiring regulatory approvals

World class amenities

  • Warehousing standards adhered to all Industry verticals
  • State-of-the-art Material Handling Equipment

Value proposition

It's important to stay detail oriented with every project we handle.

  • Provides integrated platform for distribution management and trading
  • Goods can be held in FTWZ in name of the foreign buyers and sellers
  • Integrates the benefits of a duty-free zone with high quality infrastructure
  • FTWZs are treated as a port with proximity to international gateways and inland connectivity
  • Operates on a freely convertible currency model, i.e. payment for services in FOREX
  • Provides taxation benefits such as Exemption on Customs / Excise Duty, Interest on Duty and Licensing
  • Ability to move shipment from international gateways to FTWZ without Customs assessment

Who can be benefited

  • Foreign Suppliers who doesn't have any entity in India but wanted to set up a warehouse for Indian and Overseas market
  • Indian Importers having IEC & GST number
  • International Traders who wants to hide the sellers and buyers details to each others
  • Import cargo for Display/Demonstration/Exhibition etc.
  • Airlines to keep their valuable spare parts for long time without any obligation
  • International Automobile Industry to keep their spares & parts
  • Bulk Importers like, Polymers, Chemical, Machinery, Spares, Lining, Fusible Interlining, Hangers, White goods, Electronic & Electric products, Packaged Food Items, Cosmetic items
  • Consolidators of Indian goods for Export purpose

Comparison - Customs Vs FTWZ Warehouse

Benefits for Imports

  • Flexibile end distribution in India
  • Duty deferment benefits (freeing up working capital & increasing sales)
  • Quality control prior to duty payment
  • Hassle-free re-export regulatory / duty implications
  • Reduced buffer stocks
  • Lowered product costs

Benefits for Exports

  • Foreign exchange transaction capability
  • Indian products entering the FTWZ benefits the suppliers
  • GST exemption on all activities conducted inside the FTWZ
  • Export quotas possible for companies exporting into FTWZ
  • Increased efficiency through lowered reverse logistics and quality control

Benefits for Re-exports

  • Foreign exchange transactions capability
  • Increasing supply chain efficiencies while enhancing capital cash flow
  • GST exemption on all activities conducted inside the FTWZ
  • Exemption from custom and stamp duty
  • Hassle-free re-export process
  • Ability to leverage India's cost, skill and geographic positioning advantage
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How it works

  • Goods ship to 4SLPL – FTWZ in India from suppliers' factory, (one or multiple countries) by air or ocean
  • Proforma invoice to buyer/s and payment receipt from buyer
  • Shipment release order to FTWZ to end customers as per their agreed terms
  • Goods clearance from customs after remitting applicable duty and deliver the cargo to Indian importers or buyers
  • Goods ownership will remain with the first owner till they file the documents with Indian customs to transfer the ownership rights
  • Goods export to overseas buyers by air/ocean without paying any duty or GST to Indian customs
  • No SVB permission for foreign supplier
  • No mandatory and no such as FSSAI, PQ, BSI, ADC, etc. till you file the bill of entry for domestic clearance

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