Customs Brokerage

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As an Importer/Exporter once you handover the necessary details of your consignment to us, just sit and relax!

We will take care of the rest and see that your cargo is delivered prompt and safe.

4S Logistics takes care of the customs clearance needs by representing the importer/exporter and co-ordinate with Customs department as well as other specific departments to Custom Clear the cargo. When the cargo lands in India at the seaport or airport or any Customs Notified Area, we coordinate with the customs department on behalf of our customer for clearance of the cargo. Along with Customs Clearance, we will inspect the licensed items need to be approved for clearance and carry out the necessary process of submitting documentation, examination of the cargo and also facilitate sampling and follow up to obtain approvals thereupon required for clearance of the cargo.


Documentation plays a key role in effecting imports as well as exports of the cargo. Especially in case of imports, the availability of right documents, the correctness of the information available in the documents as well as the timeliness in submitting the documents and filing the necessary applications for the Customs Clearance determines the efficiency of the Customs Clearance process. Any delay in filing or non-availability of documents can delay the process and thereby importer stands not only to incur demurrage on the imported cargo but also stand to lose business opportunities.

We take care of filing the necessary documents such as Bill of Entry/Shipping Bill in electronic form on behalf of the Importer/Exporter with Customs, along with other Commercial Documents including Declarations from Importer/Exporter, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Purchase Order Copy as well as Certificate of Origin and Licenses to Import if any. Bill of Entry is the main key document for imports on which the Customs approves clearance of the cargo and the document is crucial for availing duty credits if any by the Importer post clearance and Shipping Bill is the main key documents for exports on which approves for exportation of the cargo and the document is crucial for any exporter.

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Customs procedures

International Trade is facilitated and controlled by countries with the help of Foreign Policy, Export and Import Regulations, Schedule and Tariff of Import and Export Duties as well as Trade Laws and Regulations. Imports and Exports cover two channels of transport of goods. Business related trade is carried on through cargo imports. Cargo Import as well as export can be consigned through road network, via shipping as well as airfreight. All the said modes will be covered by Customs Department.

When any Organization Imports any item into the country, the cargo would need to be Custom Cleared. The consignment transported by Air, Ship or by Trailer on the road, would have to be deposited at the Customs notified bonded area.

Mandatory Documents

4S takes care to align key documents and procedures required for customs clearance. Some of them are listed here.

  • Declarations from Importer/Exporter
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Purchase Order Copy
  • Origin and FTA certificates
  • Licenses to Import
  • BIS certification/LMPC certificates
  • PCB certificates

4S advantage - as a customs broker

Our aproach is customer-centric and straight forward. We serve to fulfill specific needs of our customers' on a case-to-case basis. As a qualified customs broker, we provide value additions to enrich the customers' trading experiences.


We strive to embrace and adopt changing regulatory regime and equip our customers for conformance


E-sanchit facility and our specialized software, available pan India, ensures quick turnaround fillings

Risk Mitigation

Avoiding non-compliance and security risks is one of our best practices followed, adding to our credibility

Business Conventions

We make best use of the compliance programs periodically to provide formal assistance to our customers

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