Cargo Bonding and De-bonding

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When we handle a consignment import /export we take care of all the bonding and de-bonding activities associated with respect to the customers’ requirements. We gather consignment related information from the customer and create documents to be filed for customs clearance such as bill of entry (imports). Depending upon the needs of the customer, we advise them to take the consignment in parts when required for consumption and pay customs duty only for the consignment that is being de bonded.

Customs bonded warehouses charge normal warehousing rental and other transaction charges for the goods warehoused. We follow compliance of the Customs Rules and Laws in a speed manner to ensure that the consignment is cleared within the allotted free period and does not incur demurrage. The consignment is then delivered to the customer in good condition.

  • As a facility to the importer for movement of cargo under bonding facility, we ensure to move the consignment to our nominated bonded warehouse facility after the confirmation of sufficient space availability and safety of the cargo.
  • After the arrival of cargo into airport/seaport, if the importer would like to move the cargo gto any bonded warehouse facility, we complete all bond process well in advance with the appropriate authorization/bond-execution etc to ensure the consignments are getting moved to bonded warehouse within the shortest possible time.
  • Once the cargo moved to bonded warehouse facility according to the requirement of release of cargo from the bonded warehouse either by the importer or any other buyer to procure the cargo from the bonded warehouse facility by payment of appropriate customs duty or ex-bond clearances thru SEZ/EOU/EPCG/DFIA etc.
  • We also ensure to keep the close watch of interest free clearances from the bonded warehouse and also to recommend very good warehouse operators with lkess insurance premium facility to reduce the cost to importers.
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Customs Warehousing

The customs designated area is always a bonded area where in only customs is permitted entry. The cargo that is kept within the bonded area cannot be moved or taken out without Customs permission.

Customs Department officials inspect the inbound cargo and based on the descriptions of the items in Invoice and other documents, assign the correct tariff to arrive at the valuation of the consignment based on the Invoice value. The duty amount is calculated and once the duty payment is made by the importer, the cargo is released.

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