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With our extensive work and strong expertise in cargo transportation, we offer unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.

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4S Logistic Solutions

An unrivalled network of Customs Brokerage Offices to simplify the highly complex procedures and move your goods quickly out of the port.

4S, a one-stop logistic solution provider, caters to the convenience of businesses seeking best-in-class services for moving their products and commodities across the globe.

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Our Services

Our core business activities include customs broking (Import / Export of cargo), Inland transportation of cargo, Warehousing, and Supply Chain management.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

We take care of the customs clearance needs by representing the importer / exporter and coordinate with Customs dept.



We have our own fleet of closed trucks and trailers, to take care of the import and export cargo movement for our customers


FTWZ Facility

We have our own FTWZ facility to extend the additional service benefits to its customers to ensure all service levels

Cargo Bonding/De-bonding

Cargo (De)Bonding

We take care of all the bonding and de-bonding activities associated with respect to the customers’ requirements

About Us

4S logistics is a fast growing logistics provider in India catering to the needs of key industry sectors including automotive, distribution, electronics, discrete manufacturing, textiles, food and beverages.

Our Services


Special economic zone for imports and exports

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No.38 (OLD NO.304)

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